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Merrett Survey Limited is a leading independent professional topographical survey practice that was formed in 1982 by Peter Merrett, a mining engineer and surveyor, and Michael Fraser, a Chartered Land Surveyor and photogrammetrist. The company started out as Merrett Survey Partnership but in 2007 converted to Limited Company status. Our profession has gone through some name changes that better reflect the data management aspects of our work, with the term Geomatics now changing to renamed ‘Geospatial’ – which is the science of collecting, analysing and implementing data relating to the earth’s surface.

To date the company has worked in more than 60 different countries and on every continent except Antarctica and in a wide variety of environments. From above the Arctic Circle in Greenland, deserts in Algeria, Libya and Sudan, urban sites in London, the Philippines and Australia, through to the forests of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

In 2016, Merrett Survey opened a subsidiary office in Cameroon to better serve our clients in West and Central Africa regions. This operates as Africa Precision SARL.

The aim of the firm is to provide clients with a professional and comprehensive data management, land survey and topographical mapping service; giving value for money whilst maintaining quality, accuracy and a prompt service. The company also provides water-based surveys for bathymetric and hydrographic surveys, plus from the air with airborne Lidar and photogrammetric survey. We go below the ground with our mining survey skills.

In recent years the application of new geomatic technology to the survey profession has radically changed field survey and topographic mapping equipment, as well as the data handling procedures. Merrett Survey invests in the latest technologies including a Terrestrial Laser Scanner, high accuracy GNSS, aerial Lidar, UAV survey and ‘robotic’ non-contact total stations. Plus provides 3D modelling for BIM inputs.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning (HDS = High Definition Surveying) provides an ideal method for rapid surveys of structures and buildings which are then modeled in 3D for use in BIM software. HDS has many applications such as surveying engineering structures, cliff monitoring and highway surveys. The scanners record data points at up to 1 million points per second and match the accuracy of conventional survey equipment. As a non-contact instrument, it can be very useful in hazardous areas where it would be unsafe to survey using a conventional instrument.


Merrett Survey is able to offer a professional land survey and topographic mapping service for the production of traditional graphical line maps and plans as well as GIS projects and coordinated LiDAR point clouds. Through the use of both proprietary and in-house software, data can be supplied in various digital formats, including: MX Genio, AutoCAD compatible DWG / DXF, Shape files, REVIT 3D BIM and many other 3D modelling formats.


Merrett Survey – with expertise gained over 20 years in the practical application of GPS – has become one of the most experienced providers of GPS (GNSS) positioning services. Services include; control networks, ground truthing and quality confirmation work for projects such as airborne laser scanning and photogrammetric control. In addition, GPS ground control has been provided to a variety of mapping companies and organizations including the Ordnance Survey – the UK’s National Mapping Agency.

Work in the UK has been completed for:-

Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey (UK National Mapping Agency), Highways Agency, Water companies, British Airports Authority, The Ministry of Defence, County and District Council Authorities, as well as Architects, Consulting Engineers and Contractors.

Overseas clients include:-

United Nations, Government of Bermuda, Department of Public Works – Philippines, Coastguard – Oman, Governments of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Highways Department – Georgia. BP, Shell, Exxon, IGN (France’s National Mapping Agency), and Airbus.

The practice actively seeks overseas work and has considerable international experience, including:

  • Establishment and observation of a primary geodetic network along the entire Nigeria/Cameroon border, working closely with joint technical teams from both countries. (This contract was awarded by the United Nations after an international tender process).
  • Underground mining surveys in an Austrian gold mine.
  • GIS asset mapping and GPS control along pipelines in Venezuela, this project specified the delivery of an Arcmap GIS project that included geo-referenced imagery and points surveyed via GPS that contained multiple attributes.
  • Topographic surveys for Airport improvements at Mount Pleasant, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands, Port Salines, Grenada and Sakhalinsk, Eastern Russia.
  • Road surveys in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Falkland Islands, Gambia, Kenya, Mauritius, Nepal, Philippines, Sudan, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia.
  • Establishment of GPS control network and training of Survey Department staff in Sierra Leone – including GIS.
  • Ground surveys for hydro-electric projects in Thailand, including the training of the client’s staff.
  • GPS consultancy to the World Bank for a Highway Management Programme in the Philippines.
  • Route survey work for an oil pipeline from Chad across Cameroon.
  • Geodetic Levelling in Bermuda and topographic mapping for sewerage schemes in Jamaica.

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