Open cast phosphate mine survey - Morocco

Mining & Quarrying

Above or below ground and at all stages of development, Merrett Survey Limitd can provide the right survey services to assist your mining project. Peter Merrett trained as a Mining Engineer at the Camborne School of Mines before starting this topographical survey company. So we understand the needs of the mining community. Our work in the mining and mineral extraction industry has been completed in many countries, for example –  Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Greenland, Morocco, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Mined / quarried products from our surveyed sites include:- Gold, Iron, Lead / Zinc, Silver, Tin, Copper, Coal, Phosphate, Stone, Gravel, Chalk, Ball Clay and China Clay.
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Exploration – We have provided mining clients with area wide lidar to help them plot their geological data, compare the inferred ore body to surface features and to plan infrastructure such as road and rail access. Plus we have set-out and surveyed / coordinated existing borehole locations. Aerial lidar will ‘see’ through tree cover and we can map the true ground shape below forest cover, saving greatly over ground based methods.

Development / Infrastructure – Our survey work has assisted clients in the detailed design of mine access routes via road and rail. Plus decisions on the location and design of mine site airfields, ports and loading facilities. Long distance transport of ore via pipeline slurries and conveyor or overhead cable systems will benefit greatly from aerial lidar and ground based surveys.

Opencast – Using ground based scanners or UAV (drone) technology rapid updates can be provided for all open cast mining and quarrying operations. Overburden and mineral reserve calculations can be computed with better accuracy using these remote surveying methods. Slope stability can be permanently monitored.

Underground – We can provide survey services for ongoing mining operations, but also for historic workings that may be re-opened or are in close (but unknown) proximity to new workings, and to help avoid exploration boreholes striking extant undergound workings. Shafts, stopes, incline roadways and development driveways can be surveyed and/or set-out. Laser scanning of specific locations can assist with ore reserve calculations and pillar stress analysis.  Over and underbreak during driveway development can be accurately measured and cost savings made by optimising the blast patterns and waste rock transport.

Mineral processing – The complex process plant installed on modern mining sites can benefit from full 3D modelling as the base layer for efficient asset management software tools. We can survey tailings dams using mini remote control survey vessels and monitor tailings dam stability / movement over time. Merretts can survey long distance conveyor transport routes.

Stockpile volumes – Mobile scanning and UAV (drone) methods provide rapid and cost effective methods of computing stockpile volumes outdoors and inside silos / warehouse storage sheds.

Acquisitions – The latest innovative rapid surveys using hand held mobile laser scanning methods can prove a valuable tool to confirm the layout and extents of all workings and plant/assets for due diligence purposes prior to purchase.


Stockpile and production surveys Morocco

Stockpile volume surveys for open cast
phosphate workings – Morocco – including
indoor storage sheds and silos

Laser scanning for mineral stockpile volume calculations

Exploration survey – borehole coordination
Greenland plus aerial lidar

Topographical surveying of exploration borehole locations Greenland

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