Topographical survey inputs to geotechnical surveys


Our company is often involved with the geotechnical aspects of project development or protection of the environment. Tasks have included:-

Slope stability – Monitoring schemes have been established for UK Council owned sites in Devon, Dorset, Isle of Wight, Caerphilly and Avon, plus public / private sector organisations such as Network Rail, National Trust, Esso/Exxon and house building companies. This includes slopes on the coast, next to highways and above rail lines. The monitoring is achieved in a variety of ways using GPS (GNSS) in networks tied to BGSS stations on stable ground, laser scanning on the ground and aerial lidar methods. Measuring borehole caps on a regular basis is required for ground slope movement and ground water monitoring.

Trial pit and boreholes – We provide services to set-out boreholes and trial-pits and also to coordinate existing boreholes.

Subsidence monitoring – High precision (digital) levelling can be used for the very highest accuracy work – as may be required to monitor nuclear power station foundations or by regular aerial lidar survey for more regional subsidence / deformation such as in former coal mining sites.

Sidmouth laser scanning for slope stability

Scanning coastal cliffs for slope stability

dip and strike data from laser scanning of cliff faces

Dip and strike analysis of meshed cliff face

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