Solar panle setting out work and pre design topographical surveys

Renewable Energy

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Merrett Survey Ltd provided the topographical survey services for the UK’s first commercial wind farm at Delabole in Cornwall in 1989. Since then we have been involved with the development of onshore wind power generation sites often using airborne lidar to map the terrain to enable design of the optimum turbine locations, access roads and conductor cable connections to the national grid.

Other ‘green energy’ projects we have worked on include tidal power – in the English Channel, hydro power dam sites in UK, Nepal and Thailand and numerous solar power sites in UK and France. This includes satellite derived DTM’s to create ‘aspect maps’ at the feasibility stage (no ground access needed), the topographical survey before detailed design of the panel layouts and cabling, plus setting out of the designed solar arrays.

Using drones, we can provide high resolution RGB imagery of your wind farm or solar installation as well as thermographic imagery. This thermal imaging will allow us to identify damaged solar panels as we see a difference in temperature compared to adjacent cells. Using drones reduces the health and safety implications of accessing hard to reach areas and provides a visual site condition inspection.

We provide geodetic services for all stages of site management, from supplying airborne LiDAR or ground based surveys to identify optimal sites for turbine and solar panel installation to setting out the site for construction / piling. We can also provide as-built surveys and provide a monitoring service for maintaining sites. Our topographical survey services have been used to create a ‘clearance map’ to determine if the delivery of wind turbine blades and towers is possible down the narrow approach lanes that exist around many new wind farm development sites.

Wind power generatio site surveys - wind turbines

Merretts have surveyed many wind power sites

Hydro electric power generation survey work

Hydro power – Merretts have surveyed mini
hydro schemes in UK and Thailand and
major sites in Nepal

solar power generation survey work

Numerous solar power sites have been
surveyed by Merrett Surveys

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