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Oil and Gas

We have worked across all of the oil and gas industry sectors:

Upstream – our experience includes aerial lidar and satellite based surveys for exploration work – creating DTM terrain models to enable design of seismic survey lines, ground based surveys for exploration rig placement, plus survey control of satellite imagery for remote sensed mapping.

Midstream – One of our previous contracts included responsibility for all of the survey work in a production field in Kuwait including setting out of roads, powerlines, water supply lines and telecoms. General survey control network, stake out of new production well sites, mapping of existing distribution networks and gathering stations.
In Equatorial Guinea we assisted with aerial lidar survey for the expansion of an LNG receiving and processing plant – fed from offshore fields, including the stake out of boundary fences, a control network ready for the construction work and determination of an accurate ‘chart datum’ for new ship docking / quay facilities.
Merrett Surveys have completed thousands of kilometers of survey on pipelines across the World for pipeline inspection work – intelligent pigging / pipeline mapping. Plus survey work for GIS based asset surveys, risk assessment and Class Location surveys.

Aerial lidar and ground based route surveys for new build pipelines.

Storage tank survey work is major specialisation of ours – please refer
Tanks of all sizes, materials and shapes can be laser scanned, above and below ground, on land and on ships for deformation survey, subsidence monitoring, out of roundness (ovality), high accuracy calibration (tank strapping / volumes), and spill bund capacity calculations.

Downstream – Surveys of processing plant / refineries, quay sides, loading facilities and inter-tidal lidar surveys for environmental monitoring during port construction.

Survey of pipelinen in Mexico for IMU based pipeline mapping

Extensive experience including production and exploration phases

Laser scanning torage tanks surveys for deformation and calibration

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