Topographical survey using total station

Topographical Survey

Merrett Survey Limited is called upon to create topographical surveys for a huge variety of project types, sectors and for a wide variety of clients, and at all scales. Typical amongst these would be Architects and Engineers who require a land survey, defining the topography and site features across a location that is to be developed or changed in some way.

Whilst we often describe ourselves as ‘land surveyors’, our survey work extends to the sea bed and even underground. Data can be gathered by remote sensing from the air and also from satellites. Our profession is now generally described as ‘Geospatial’ to encompass all of these aspects but also to emphasise that we can provide data management, analysis and many other value added services over and above the traditional topographical survey plan.

We keep ahead of the field with the application of new technologies to ensure we collect data in the most efficient and accurate manner

Consultancy – As well as working as survey ‘contractors’ tendering for work based on quality and cost, we also provide advice and can act as survey supervisors and survey advisers, helping our clients to define project requirements, matching their needs to the latest technical capabilities of the geospatial supply sector.

Standards – As a company of Chartered Land Surveyors we work to the technical and ethical standards laid down by the RICS – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

Data deliverables can be provided as follows:-

    GIS – We can output our data as Shapefiles and any other format for GIS input. If the project requires creation of a GIS then we can provide this. Merrett Survey have staff trained to MSc level in GIS creation and application.

   CAD – Autocad formats such as DWG and DXF are standard outputs. Let us know if you also require data for Revit, Navisworks and many other CAD and BIM formats.

   DTM / DEM – Digital terrrain models can be delivered in TIN  ( triangulated irregular network ) and Gridded formats and generated from our conventional topographical survey methods, from our ground based laser scanning or aerial lidar or photogrammetry. DEMs – Digital Elevation Models are generally created from aerial lidar and are effectively a map of the top of the tree/foliage and building coverage over the land. DSM – Digital Surface Model is a phrase sometimes used to replace either DTM or DEM.

   MX / PLS-CADD and others – MX has evolved from the MOSS software that is often required as a ‘standard’ for highway design work.

   3D Models – Revit models for BIM have become a standard but we can work in a variety of 3D formats.

   VR and AR – Virtual reality – providing an immersion in to real world environments from remote locations, or into designed environments that don’t exist yet.
Augmented reality where an overlay is added to your real world view – for example adding a 3D layer / view on to you mobile phone camera screen so you can ‘see’ the buried services in front of you. These technologies are available here and now.

   Imagery – Most of our clients request photographs of the surveyed locations and we can provide these in high definition and HDR (high dynamic range – so that the exposures are even and not ‘burnt out’), plus as 360 bubble imagery. The camera data can be used to colourise our laser scanned point cloud deliverables as well.
Terrestrial and drone based photogrammetry has advanced in quality and speed enormously in recent years and can often be used as an alternative or an addition to laser scanning surveys. Digital orthophotos is another deliverable we are often called upon to supply. Call us for advice on the best approach for your project.

   EA formats – We have completed many projects for the UK’s Environment Agency who require specialist formats for entry to flood modelling software. Formats we provide include ISIS, EACSD

Military airbase - topographic survey plan - Autocad DWG drawing

Airport – topographical survey

Topographic survey of highway for Motorway link road

Highways – topographical survey

LNG process plant topographic survey work

Topographical survey in Equatorial Guinea
for the extension of an LNG process plant
using robotic survey instrumentation

Reflectorless survey of highway surface improves safety

Reflectorless EDM total station surveys
make highway topographical surveys much
safer for the surveyors and at lower cost for
the client

Cambodia - Vietnam topographical survey for road widening

Merrett Survey conducted the Phnom Penh to
Ho Chi Minh topograhical survey for the
improvement of Highway One

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