Laser scanning to determine deformation of steel structure in kuwait

Laser Scanning & BIM

As geospatial experts, with almost 40 years of experience, Merrett Survey Limited has utilised laser scanning and BIM technologies across wide-ranging industries and sectors. Whether it is topographical surveys for the design of new build developments, laser scanning for measured building surveys or the creation of BIM (Building Information Modelling) for existing buildings prior to refurbishment and modification, or for an as-built survey of completed buildings.


BIM and laser survey for architectural design work

Laser Scanning & BIM – Private & Public Sectors

Commercial Sites, Housing, Inner-city

  • Brown field development
  • Transport hubs
  • Retail development/shopping centres
  • Individual houses – high end and the 1-acre bungalow sites, stadiums, churches and hotels


3D Laser Scanning In the Public Sector

  • Laser surveys of schools
  • Hospitals
  • Museums
  • Administration and Civic Buildings
  • Prisons


If you wish to learn more about how a laser scanning survey could benefit the planning and execution of your project or building transformation, please contact us. Our highly knowledgable and adept team will be happy to discuss the many benefits of laser scanning, which include improved efficiency, greater speed and reliability.

Building Information Modelling 

Of course, BIM ( Building Information Modelling ) is often involved in a laser survey projects and we can provide scan to BIM of existing building archicture, structure and MEP – services. But we can still provide the standard 2D floor plans, elevations and sections together with lettable floor plan calculations if required. BIM modelling can be provided in Revit format or other 3D model formats suitable for input to a variety of BIM software types.

The UK Government mandated the use of Building Information Modelling under the 2011 Construction Strategy, which mandated its use at the maturity level 2 on all HM / Central Government procured projects by April 2016. Since then we have found many clients, even on non-central Government and even private sector projects requesting data suitable for use in BIM. The most basic reasoning is to greatly improve the efficiency of the UK construction sector but it should create savings throughout the lifetime management of a building or other element of the built environment. BIM and laser scanning can be applied to any project – it is not restricted to buildings.

BIM Level 2 Can be Described as;

“BIM Level 2 maturity encompasses the generation and management of structured information models comprising all named data-sets used throughout the lifecycle of a built asset.

Information models will include a series of domain and collaborative federated models. The models, consisting of both object-oriented 3D geometrical and non-graphical data, are prepared by different parties during the project life-cycle within the context of a common data environment. Using agreed information exchanges, project participants will have the means necessary to provide defined and validated outputs via digital transactions in a structured and reusable form. Appropriate and proportionate measures will be applied to manage the security risks that affect a built asset, asset data and information.”

Building Information Modelling Level 2 requires all project and asset information, documentation and data to be electronic, which supports efficient delivery at the design and construction phases of the project.

Laser scanning for the survey of complex shaped buildings

Building Information Modelling derived from laser scanning

3D laser scanning Kuwait

 as built topographical survey with BIM

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