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The Advantages of a Laser Scanning Survey to the Construction Industry

September 23, 2019 Billy Rooney Laser Scanning

To say that time is money might be a cliche, but it is especially true in the construction industry. A laser scanning survey provides numerous benefits to the construction process and can improve efficiency and accuracy. Modern laser scanners can survey in the region of 1 million points per second, to millimetric accuracies, allowing construction progress to be continually measured and compared through a project. Surveying can be carried out rapidly and accurately, improving safety and reducing costs.

Laser Scanning for Fast & Informative Findings in Construction

Each scan in a laser scanning survey produces a ‘point cloud’, a mass of 3D points that precisely records the physical environment in digital space. Point clouds can be colourised using high-resolution HDR imagery (high dynamic range) for perfect exposures. A laser scan can be especially useful in a complex interior structure where retrofits or refurbishment work is to be undertaken. Even when the building is in use, our surveyors can unobtrusively capture pinpoint accurate data throughout the interior, offering a higher level of accuracy in measurement than photographs. 

Not only do our laser scanning surveys provide greater precision, but laser scanning also enables us to capture data considerably faster than manual measurements allow. Merrett Survey has worked in sensitive locations such as power stations, schools and hospitals, without the buildings needing to be closed for the measurement work to be completed. We work across all sectors and can apply our laser scanning knowledge to produce surveys for companies in any industry.

The Benefits of Scan Data 

The scan data can be used to look at clash detection, analyse floor slab flatness, provide dimensional clearances, analyse deformations in walls and other structures, compute highly accurate volumes – with speed, precision and accuracy. Our highly experienced staff can get the information that you need to make the right decision.

Once a scan is complete, the resulting data is processed and products from 3D meshes, clash detections, 2D and 3D, CAD or BIM models can be created. Depending on the level of detail required, every pipe, beam, outlet and fixture can be created in the BIM model.

Assess Laser Scanning Survey from Any Location

A laser scanning survey from Merrett Survey helps contractors avoid conflicts and clashes between architectural features or systems, for example, ensuring HVAC systems don’t interfere with planned locations for electrical boxes or other components that need to be installed. An accurate BIM model helps eliminate the need for costly rework down the line, as potential issues are identified and addressed early on in the process.

In the event an architect or engineer can’t be physically present at a job site, either due to dangerous conditions or geographic location, the digital data can be made accessible via cloud based point cloud viewers and online BIM models.

Laser Scans for the Construction Industry

If you would like to learn more about how we use laser scanning to get results in the construction industry and help other professionals carry out their work, please get in touch. We have put together a number of videos, detailing how we have used laser scanning in recent projects and surveys. Contact us now with your survey requirements and see how laser scanning and BIM can be used on your project.