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The Advantages of a Laser Scanning Survey to the Construction Industry

September 23, 2019 Billy Rooney Laser Scanning

To say that time is money might be a cliche, but it is especially true in the construction industry. A laser scanning survey provides numerous benefits to the construction process and can improve efficiency and accuracy. Modern laser scanners can survey in the region of 1 million points per second, to millimetric accuracies, allowing construction progress […]

Measuring Deformations with Laser Scanning – Storage Tank Surveys

August 22, 2019 Billy Rooney General, Laser Scanning

The main advantage of laser scanning when carrying out storage tank surveys is that it facilitates a comprehensive analysis of the tank in question. Instead of measuring a limited number of pre-defined points, the whole surface of the storage tank can be analysed. Scanning allows us to monitor the entire tank shell for deformation, as […]

The Latest Developments in Laser Scanning

June 18, 2019 Billy Rooney Laser Scanning

Choosing the right technologies, with the best and most appropriate set of functions, is pivotal in Geomatics. Here at Merrett Survey Limited, we are constantly looking for ways to enhance the efficiency of our laser scanning methods with the view of producing the most efficient and accurate results as possible. Due to their capability to […]