Topographic Surveys

We provide topographical surveys for a wide variety of clients anywhere in the world. Recent projects have included road surveys, railway surveys, airport surveys, coastal monitoring, boundary surveys and ground control for airborne LiDAR projects. Our extensive experience in providing high precision, large (and small) scale projects within a wide range of environments ensures that our work is always of high quality and specifically tailored to our clients needs.

When required we also produce cross-sections, elevations, area and volume calculations. Interior and exterior measured building surveys are also catered for.

Our in-house software is specially designed for efficient processing and display of survey data, which can be provided in industry standard formats such as Autocad DXF and DWG as well as MX format. In addition, GIS data can be provided and presented via Arcview where data is collected that contains multiple attributes.

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Surveys for feasibility, detail design, urban and rural roads to motorways, autoroutes and bypasses to rural upgrades and maintenance - we are fully experienced in all aspects of road and highway survey.

The image shows a sample of a topographic survey. For this job, a high accuracy road survey was required and survey data was merged with photogrammetric detail.

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Building Surveys

Dimensional building surveys for floor plans (re-furbishment, re-design or to compute lettable floor space), cross sections roof plans and elevations. We also provide terrestrial laser scanning which is ideal for complex building elevations.

Merrett Survey Limited - Aerial Imagery

Coastal Surveys

Surveying for all types of port and harbour, existing and new build. Quays, jetties, marinas, accurate placement of mooring and navigation bouys. Pre and post dredging surveys, navigation channels, tide guages and current metering.

We apply conventional techniques and laser technology to the task of surveying for new sea defences and monitoring coastal erosion through beach surveys, cliff monitoring and slope stability surveys.

Merrett Survey Limited - Terrestrial Laser Scanning Heritage

Volumetric Surveys

Surveys for mineral workings of all types. We have graduates of the Camborne School of Mines on hand for volumetric surveys, boundary survey, reserve computations and stockpile audits.
Merrett Survey Limited - Terrestrial Laser Scanning Heritage

Hydrographic Surveys

Nearshore, estuary and inland services provided, including bathymetry, tide and current measurements.

By either 'conventional' ground based survey or airborne laser scanning and photogrammetry, we can map flood plains, determine potential flood levels. Also providing watercourse cross sections, bridge dimensions and all other data required for flood studies. We are familiar with EEBY data and the new EA formats.
Merrett Survey Limited - Terrestrial Laser Scanning Ships Hull

Pipeline Mapping

Our experience with pipelines ranges from pre-design topographical surveys and route mapping, through construction stake out and as-built survey, to the maintenance stage with pipeline mapping of anomalies.

Our experince includes oil, gas, water and sewage pipelines. We have a specialist website devoted to our pipeline expertise. Visit our dedicated website at

Merrett Survey Limited - Airborne LiDAR surveys

Setting Out

Ensuring your designed project is placed accurately on the ground. We welcome difficult engineering surveying challenges from a small building site through to major international pipeline projects.

Merrett Survey Limited - Cliff Monitoring

Cliff Monitoring

We undertake surveys within railway corridors and we are familiar with the high degree of safety management required. Laser scanning and reflectorless total stations have also enabled us to survey railway assets without access to the line.

Merrett Survey Limited - Bathymetric Surveys

Airport Surveys

We have surveyed numerous airports and airfields, both military and commercial including runways, taxi-ways, terminal buildings, navigation aids and obstacle surveys. WGS84 control to CAA standards.

The image is from one of a number of surveys in the Falkland Islands, one of which included surveying Mount Pleasant Airport which needed to be re-surfaced. We have also provided high accuracy GPS control services in the Falkland Islands.We provide topographical surveys for a wide variety of clients anywhere in the world. Our extensive experience in providing high precision large scale projects within a wide range of environments ensures that our work is always of a high quality and specifically tailored to our clients needs.

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    Highway Surveys

    High precision road surveys

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    Building Surveys

    BIM Models, elevations, floorplans, sections etc...

  • project 3

    Coastal Projects

    Cliff monitoring, subsidence monitoring etc...

  • project 4

    Volumetric surveys

    Quarries & mines, stockpiles etc...

  • project 5

    Hydrographic Surveys

    Bathymetry, tide and current measurements

  • project 6

    Pipeline Mapping

    Surveying pipelines

  • project 7

    Setting Out

    Solar farms, wind farms, construction sites etc...

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    Surveying railway corridors

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    High precision survey services

About Us

The company started trading in 1982, so in August 2012 Merrett Survey celebrated 30 years of topographical survey business. Based in the South West of England we have expanded to work throughout the world in over 50 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Algeria, France, Guinea, Bermuda, Philippines and the USA to name but a few. 

Merrett Survey was one of the first commercial organisations to invest in GPS technology so we have built up a mass of experience and knowledge. More recently we have been applying the latest surveying technologies including airborne and land based laser scanning ( LIDAR ).

It is the aim of Merrett Survey to meet the needs of our clients by providing a high quality and cost effective service. We will advise and put forward innovative ideas and new technology to benefit all parties by working in Partnership.

Merretts put forward innovative ideas and use new technology. We offer a wide range of survey services.

Our Clients

Our client list includes:-
    World Bank / Asian Development Bank
Environment Agency (UK)
Ordnance Survey (UK's National Mapping Agency)
IGN ( France's National Mapping Agency )
DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippines)
UN (United Nations)

""Their deep understanding of GPS & rigid quality controls has particularly impressed us""

  GE Oil & Gas Client

""Merretts have shown themselves to be technically very capable, providing a positive professional approach""

  Ordnance Survey Client

"Merretts provided an excellent service when called upon. They were responsive, helpful, innovative and effective and worked well as part of the overall team delivering emergency response to the South West of England."

 The Environment Agency Client

Contact Merrett Survey at an early stage in your project development for advice on all topographic survey matters and a full land survey service. Merretts offer professional land surveying - anywhere on the planet.

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